One Year Anniversary!


Exactly one year ago today my first book was published. This book:

(Isn’t that a beautiful cover?)


I knew I wanted to publish a book one day when I was in first grade. Not just be a writer, but publish a book. And that finally happened last year, a few days before I turned 45 years old. Sometimes I wish I’d started earlier, but I wasn’t ready all those other times.

This was the story that stuck with me for years and years. My character, Josh Conrad, followed me for a long time (over a decade) until I finally started writing his story in November of 2012. And then it took me over three years to learn how to write and how to tell a story before I was ready to get it published.

I’m glad we stuck with each other. Happy birthday, Josh and Sofia! (And happy book-birthday to me!)


P.S.— If you haven’t read it yet, click on the cover and follow the link to Amazon. Or click on the My Books tab on this site to learn more about it and read an excerpt.

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