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WRITING...?is the best way for me to be

“It’s funny how life sometimes tells you what you’re supposed to do rather than finding it on your own. In fact, I accidentally started writing. I know, that sounds completely nuts, but let me explain.
I’ve always liked writing…my 2-3 pages stories in elementary school were really more like 15. Essays really weren’t all that scary. I even wrote stories with friends just for fun. Yet, I never really considered writing as something I could do. I had “written” it off (haha!).

I was a really quiet and shy child, and in order to overcome that, I ran for student body treasurer of my junior high school–and won, even though I forgot my own name during my speech. This huge embarrassment led to me deciding to join the speech team to gain confidence.
I played the violin, sang in choir, participated in every facet of theatre, and continued on the speech team and even placed in competitions. I started out as a theatre major, music minor in college, but soon realized I wasn’t at the level I needed to be for that to be a realistic aspiration. (Of course, my college also hosts the state’s Shakespearean Festival, so the competition was pretty fierce.)
Fast forward many years later, in fact, birthing six children later…
I was contemplating what my life mission was supposed to be and one of my friends suggested I start writing. OK…. so I started a blog. That was intentional. Writing book and media reviews and family-oriented articles, however, started out as a beautiful accident.
An editor was looking for someone to write about their experience watching a live streaming of Time Out for Women–the first time it would be broadcast over the internet. I volunteered, thinking someone would interview me for my comments….

…long story short, I was wrong. I was supposed to write the whole article! This “accident” spawned into writing book reviews and family-focused articles for And now, I’ve recently just-about-finished writing a book, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (which is a completely different story).
I have had several personal experiences that have kept pushing me through this. I started writing nearly three years ago and I haven’t looked back, though it took me a few decades to realize this path was one I could and should take.
My steps were small and scary at first. I had so much self-doubt (still do) and I had no idea what I was doing. I’m not saying it’s easy now, but I can say that I love what I do. Expressing myself, helping and inspiring others, and creating something with words is the best way for me to be me. Taking the first leap was intimidating–what if I can’t do this? What if I fail?

But, what if it turns out completely awesome?”


FullSizeRenderThis is Wendy Jessen, blogger and writer, and mom of six. You may find her at Musings, Miracles, & Mayhem.

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